1346940946.jpgFor roughly 15 years youth workers supported young people working towards a Skatepark for Kendal; working with the council to secure the site and all the logistics need to make it happen.

Youth led project:

A group of young people supported by staff were successful in gaining £60,000 from CCC Youth Capital Fund and £10,000 from SLDC.  The core group then went on to consult with the community, police and skate park manufactures. They eventually opted for a Wheelscape design. The group then worked with the manufacturer and other organisations throughout the project re-designing where necessary, to ensure the final design met the needs of all wheeled users and the environment beside the river. Through this involvement the young people have a sense of ownership and take a pride in their park.

1347034560.jpgThroughout the length of the project a variety of partners and providers were involved, please see below feedback from Jeremy at Wheelscape.

“It was a true delight to work with the highly motivated and perseverant young people of Kendal on the Beezon Field skate park project. The youth work team truly engaged and supported this group in a long and arduous process that was totally out-of-scale for a modest community project. We've seen youth groups being drained of their energy by repeat rounds of Planning and EA approvals. But not Kendal; they have kept faith with the process - writing the right letters, attending numerous meetings and workshops - they have the stamina and the support to get the job done. These lads and girls are an asset to their town.”