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Cinderella- a new adaptation

Kendal College Performing Arts Students at The Box Theatre and On Tour

Box Performances

Monday 30th November   at   1.30pm & 6pm

Tuesday 1st December      at   10am  1.30pm 

Thursday 3rd December 7.30pm

Tickets - 01539 814634    £5 /4    (Running Time 60 minutes)

Audience Recommendation: All Ages 

Synopsis: Cinderella sleeps in the kitchen and works night and day watched over by her mean step sisters, Thisun and Thatun and her step mum. But she’s found some lovely new friends down there, who think they can sort things out and make it all better – her new friends are rats! Cinderella wants to go to the ball because she really wants to dance, she promised her mum and dad that she would, but she never gets the chance to practice. Thisun and Thatun hate dancing but don’t want any competition in their plans to marry the Prince! Clever and fun, this play will spark young children’s imagination as this classic tale unfolds before their eyes.

As is the tradition with our Christmas show the script has been developed by the year two performing arts students who have written and choreographed the songs and dances throughout. The actors play multiple instruments from Harmonica and Tobacco Box Guitar to banging a pot - all are involved.

The set and lighting and sound has been created and developed by the technical production students who also work with the actors when the show tours to local primary schools.

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